Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trip To Prescott

In this last week me and my family went up to Prescott for a few days to get away. it was a ton of fun. the house/cabin we stayed in was very nice and behind it there was a great view. we went on a few hikes, relaxed and played some cards with the fam. the weather was very nice, there wasn't enough snow to go sledding or skiing but enough to make a snowman and throw a few snowballs. well thats about all i have been up to over the last week of winter break. o and here are a few picts from the trip. i had a good time. =]


twogood said...

Nice sounds like u had a fun trip:)

Ginger said...

It was so much fun spending time with you and your family at the cabin in Prescott. I loved playing games, hiking, watching the WII Fit exercises "Grin", then eating "LOL", watching the snowman being built and of course just sitting around being with each other. Love all of you and thank you for inviting us to come along. Grandma Ginger

Destiny said...

Wow, sounds like fun, fun, fun! sweet!... :o)

Vickie said...

Oh Joshua thanks so much for posting all the cool pictures that you took on your trip to Prescott. I think your snowman is really cool. You all look like you had a blast. Do you know where the cabin was in Prescott? Is it near the church camp or? If you don't know I'll ask your Grandma Ginger. Thanks again for such neat pictures and I miss you all...

Drew said...


Elly said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Hope you weren't too tired after our crazy night tho. jk ;) I like the far away pics of you guys sitting out there on the ledge!

T blog said...

nice pics, your dad and i went camping a couple of times together with grandpa and grandma great.

Car said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!!! The picture of your parents are SO cute! Thats a pretty good looking snowman too! Ours was knid of a huge pile of snow!


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