Saturday, February 28, 2009


hey guys (cousins and friends) i haven't posted is a wile so i will fill u in. last weekend i went up to Williams winter camp, with Calvary's youth group. it was an amazing experience. i had such a good time and the worship was incredible. when we first got there there was tons of snow [well for az...] but by the time we left a ton of it melted. it was a great camp and the food was realy good but the perportians we so small! Anyways last night i went to a chriss tomlin concert. it was realy good. and what made it better was that i had 2nd row seats! O, and i caught a band t-shirt and a CD! it was a great night of worship. well besides that i have just been working and going to school. so yah... well il try to keep u guys more updated on my exciting, crazy, and amazing life. well see yah!...=]


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