Wednesday, November 14, 2007

well yesterday all of the Turners came over for dinner. We hung out and played games and it was a ton of fun. This Friday they are coming over again and we are going to have a talent show, of course I am not able to do much with all of my injuries, but I will probably com up with something. When Friday comes I will take some pictures and post them so you can see all of the fun we had.

well, later and God bless!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am back!!!

Well it has been a long time sence the last time i posted but a ton of crazy things have happened to me in the last few months. The first thing that happened was that I dislocaand my knee and tore a bunch of ligaments. this happened after a bible study, me and my friend steffin' who is 19 years old and is way bigger than me"were wresteling and when he had my legs tangled up I slipped on the rug and some how my leg ended up out of place. I have been wearing a brace for the last 2 weeks that dose not let me bend my leg.the next freak acedent that happened to me was about week agow when I was riding a quad up at my friend Arron's cabin and some dirt flew up into my eyes, I lost controle of the quad and crashed into some kind of a post going about 40 mph. this knocked me out and the next thing i know I woke up in the hospital. I ended up having a bad concussion and some internal bleeding in my head. I was in the hospital for about 2 days but it felt like 2 years. I am doing a lot better but still have a headache and vary bad whiplash. so sorry for not keeping up with the blog but i will start posting more.


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