Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ginger said... clicked on it "Grin". Love your blog Joshua and the additions at the bottom. Love Grandma Ginger

Elly said...

Nice job . . . does that red button thing ever stop? that sure is a time waster! lol.

Car said...

Ok this is the stupidest thing ever, but yes, Elyy, there is an end. That is so funny! I had fun!....I think....

Michelle said...

Hey amazing, fun, smart, handsome, inspiring, humble friend :)

I know! I want to go to Brazil so much!!! Be praying sooooo hard that I can hands and knees ;) But idk, I've been praying about it and I've been having a hard time hearing the Lord. I don't really have a strong yes or no right now. So I'm just praying that if he wants me to go, he'll open the doors. :)

Your amzing, incredible, fantastic, fun, hilarious, wonderful, beautiful, humble friend,
Michelle ;)

The Goldman Family said...

My first round took over 5 min. However I was able to complete the second in less than 1.

BTW Joshua, I hope you are not abusing your profile. I mean he looks so cold with no shirt and all.

-Your sycophantic(towards some), lofty(to all), nostalgic(compared to some), and finally,..."do not fill the blank"
friend & cousin,
aLeX(who happens to be wearing a particularly comfortable shirt).

Anna Louise Goldman said...

Ok, that's a good one, kept me on a long time. We showed mommy, she though that was pretty good. Hope to see you soon!!:0)


emily said...

hi josshua, hope u had fun @ the concert u ditched me 4!!! lol jk. hope u had fun!
(emily, ur cuz♥♥♥♥♥♣☺☻)


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