Thursday, May 28, 2009

summer plans =]

hey everyone. so its been a wile, and im not sure if you all still blog or not but i thought id let yah all know about the trips i will be taking over the summer. anyways i leave tomorrow for Idaho. it will be a family getaway. we will be staying close to yellow stone national park. i am so excited. we will be doing all kinds of out door activities. then i fly back to AZ on the 8th to pack up my stuff and head off to Brazil. there i will get on a boat and sail down the Paraguay River, providing aid as well as the gospel to the villages along the river. im am so excited for this trip because it was on this trip 2 years ago that God showed me a broken and fallen world waiting for a revival. God showed me how he could use me to do His wonderful work. the team for this trip is amazing and im so excited to work with everybody. i will arrive back in Phoenix July 23. then i get a night sleep and repack my bags for Latvia. i leave for Latvia the next day(the 24th) for another missions trip. Latvia is located in Eastern Europe. there we will put on a English camp/christian camp. we will show the Latvians the love of God wile we teach them English, during the day. but at night all the kids will return for a full on summer camp experience. we will share the Gospel message and play all kinds of crazy games. that trip will last until July 10th. what a crazy summer. how it will all work, i dont know. but what i do know is that God has a plan. he will open the doors he wants, and close the doors he wants shut. i am so thank full for the opportunities that God has given me. anyways that's my summer plans, so if i don't post in a wile you will know why. if you could pray for me and the teems safety. and pray that we would be able to impact so many lives, and that many would come to know Christ as there savior. OK well leave me a comment, and ill post some picts when i get back. latter =]

Saturday, February 28, 2009


hey guys (cousins and friends) i haven't posted is a wile so i will fill u in. last weekend i went up to Williams winter camp, with Calvary's youth group. it was an amazing experience. i had such a good time and the worship was incredible. when we first got there there was tons of snow [well for az...] but by the time we left a ton of it melted. it was a great camp and the food was realy good but the perportians we so small! Anyways last night i went to a chriss tomlin concert. it was realy good. and what made it better was that i had 2nd row seats! O, and i caught a band t-shirt and a CD! it was a great night of worship. well besides that i have just been working and going to school. so yah... well il try to keep u guys more updated on my exciting, crazy, and amazing life. well see yah!...=]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trip To Prescott

In this last week me and my family went up to Prescott for a few days to get away. it was a ton of fun. the house/cabin we stayed in was very nice and behind it there was a great view. we went on a few hikes, relaxed and played some cards with the fam. the weather was very nice, there wasn't enough snow to go sledding or skiing but enough to make a snowman and throw a few snowballs. well thats about all i have been up to over the last week of winter break. o and here are a few picts from the trip. i had a good time. =]


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